1/30/2017 | Hotels

Christie & Co brings Danish Hotel Brand Guldsmeden to Germany

Guldsmeden Hotels, the Danish boutique brand with a strong focus on organic food and sustainability is going to open its first hotel in Germany in 2017. The deal was brokered by Christie & Co.


Christie & Co Hotel property specialist Christie & Co has brokered the fist sale in Germany to Guldsmeden Hotels, whose focus on organic food and sustainability has made them trailblazers among boutique brands. The Danish chain has acquired the operating company of Hotel Altberlin in the German capital located near Potsdamer Platz, which previously had been run as a private family business. It is planned to extend the upper floor of the hotel to increase bedroom capacities from 50 to 80. Reopening as Guldsmeden Hotel is scheduled for the summer of 2017.

The principle of sustainability at Guldsmeden is not only restricted to offering organic food. As much as possible is reused, and natural materials are preferred for furnishing, such as Indonesian wooden furniture and washbasins made of handcrafted natural stone. At the same time, Guldsmeden focuses on design that appeals to an urban target group and creates a cosy living room atmosphere.
The hotel is situated within walking distance to Potsdamer Platz, which is considered to be a good location for an upcoming design brand.

Stephan Brüning, Senior Consultant Investment & Letting at Christie & Co in Berlin, who brokered the deal, comments: “We are pleased to support Guldsmeden in their market entry into Germany. It comes as no surprise that the first hotel of the trendy brand will be set up in Berlin. The location is ideally suited for the concept of Guldsmeden. The area around Potsdamer Straße is an up-and-coming district that has yet attracted a large number of galleries and creative minds and is home to a diverse culinary scene.

“Although Guldsmeden is hardly known in Germany, we trust that the hotel will address exactly the target group here. Like other Guldsmeden hotels, the former Hotel Altberlin is an attractive building radiating the charm of history. Moreover, the areas designated for extension on the attic floor offer great potential for remodelling”.

Marc Weinert, Founder and Managing Director of Guldsmeden Hotels, adds: “It has long been our dream to open a Guldsmeden hotel in Germany and it has finally come true thanks to the support we got from Christie & Co. We had always had a special interest in the vibrant and inspiring capital city. Due to its location and size the new hotel is perfect to us.
“We have many years of experience in acquiring existing hotels and have always found it fascinating to explore the opportunities of leaving our mark on the hotel – what can be remodelled and what can be reused. Sustainability is crucial to us. As an example, all of our hotels have received Green Globe certification.
“Germany is highly advanced in terms of sustainability, primarily regarding organic food. Even before, we were looking to our neighbours in the South when it came to buying organic products for our restaurants. Being geographically close, it is now easy for us to add high-quality organic food from Germany to our product range.”