4/16/2018 | Hotels

Historic Fürstenhof in Bad Kissingen for sale

Bad Kissingen. A historic property with plenty development potential is looking for a co-owner. Christie & Co has been exclusively commissioned for the sale by the owner of Fürstenhof in Bad Kissingen. The 17,000m² property, Fürstenhof is situated in the centre of Bad Kissingen and offers incredible potential to develop something extraordinary in the leisure and fitness resort destination.


The Fürstenhof is located on the banks of the Saale River opposite the Rosenpark and only a few minutes’ walk from the historic old town of Bad Kissingen. Marvin Kaiser, Senior Consultant at Christie & Co, comments, “The possibilities on this property are almost limitless. The history of the famous Fürstenhof dates back to 1856. The extensive property has grown to a total of approximately 17,000m² through acquisitions over the years.”
Bad Kissingen has been one of the leading spa and wellbeing cities in Germany as it is known for its mineral and medicinal springs. The health resort town gains its charm through the historic architecture of its wellness spas, as well as the large spa garden that encourages visitors to stay. While, great writers and musicians, such as Strauss, Rossini, Fontane, Tolstoy and Shaw turned the Franconian town into a meeting place with a cosmopolitan flair, it was Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, and Otto von Bismarck, the first Chancellor of Germany, who made Bad Kissingen what it is today: a place of great desirability.
The spa town can easily be reached by car, train or plane. The A7 motorway is only ten minutes away from Bad Kissingen. The Frankfurt International Airport can be reached in two hours.  
A modern health centre with a total of 19 rehabilitation clinics and private spas, Bad Kissingen offers many other medical services for all age groups in addition to the seven mineral springs, which provide a variety of health benefits. The facilities specialize in health, rejuvenation, nutrition and mental wellbeing. Moreover, Bad Kissingen is also the ideal starting point for a number of hiking or cycling tours in the immediate area. With approximately 435,000 arrivals and 2.2 million overnight stays in 2016, Bad Kissingen has been given a top ranking, not only among health resorts, but also among Germany’s tourist destinations.
The Fürstenhof is an important piece of German history in the middle of Bad Kissingen. It was built more than 160 years ago as a spa hotel and served as a lodging for guests from the European nobility and bourgeoisie. In 1866, the building was destroyed in the Battle of Kissingen, but later reconstructed over the course of several changes of ownership. In 1906, the Fürstenhof operated as a private clinic and upscale hotel. The current owner plans to create a luxury property in a class of its own through a comprehensive renovation and expansion program.
Mattes Thäsler, Investment & Letting Consultant at Christie & Co’s Frankfurt office, comments: “Fürstenhof offers incredible development potential to create something extraordinary in the health resort destination. With the support of a renowned architecture firm, the owner has developed a concept that will give the property a new lease of life. In total, 32,000m² of new floor space is to be created. The building permit for the intended conversion into a 5-star luxury hotel with medical spa and residences has already been obtained.”

The project includes a 110-room upscale hotel, modern meeting rooms and a 3,000m² spa and wellness area. The property with the plans for the project and all the vacant buildings located on the premises are offered for sale both as an asset deal and as a share deal. 

Marvin Kaiser emphasizes that the property will offer a variety of possible trading positions, ranging from a classic hotel operation to a med-spa, and even spa facilities or a retirement homes.
Finally, Thäsler adds, “We expect that the property will appeal to a wide range of domestic and international investors, who will be attracted by the unique location and the strong German real estate market.”